The One Thing That Makes Your Business Trustworthy for 48% of People

Did you know that just one thing can make almost half of the people who visit your business trust it? It’s true! A study by Blue Corona found that 48% of people think a website’s design is super important for deciding if a business is trustworthy. That’s a lot of people! This means having a nice website is really important, especially for businesses like spas.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about why having a great website is important for your spa business and share five tips to make your website awesome. We’ll also share an extra tip to make your business even more trustworthy.

Why a Great Website is Important for Your Spa Business:

A great website not only looks nice but also works really well, making it easy for people to use. When customers visit your website, they should be able to find what they need fast, move around easily, and have a good time. This will help them trust your business more and make them more likely to become customers.

Here are five ways your spa business can be better with a great website:

1. Mobile-Friendly Design:

Since 50% of people use the internet on their phones, it’s super important to make sure your website works well on phones and tablets. This means having a design that looks good and works well on different screen sizes.

2. Fast Loading Times:

Google found out that 53% of people on their phones will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Make sure your website loads fast so people like using it.

3. Fun and Interesting Content:

Blue Corona also found that 38% of people will stop visiting a website if it has old or boring stuff on it. Keep your website fun by adding new and interesting things regularly.

4. Show Good Reviews:

A study by BrightLocal showed that 91% of people trust what others say online. Share good reviews from happy customers on your website to show how great your spa is.

5. Easy to Find Things:

Hubspot found that 76% of people think it’s important to find information easily on a website. Make your website simple to use and easy to move around so people enjoy being on it.

Extra Tip – Social Proof and Associations:

Putting logos of famous partners, certificates, or awards on your website can make you look more trustworthy since people already trust those organizations. A Nielsen study found that 70% of people believe what their friends, family, and other customers say about a brand. This means showing off these awards can really help you build trust.

Don’t forget to also use special deals, online booking, and other ways to turn visitors into customers.


Making a website that works well and gets you customers can be hard and take a lot of time. That’s why we made Book a strategy session to learn how we can help you make your spa business awesome.

In short, a great website is super important for making your spa business trustworthy and getting customers. By focusing on having a mobile-friendly design, fast loading times, fun content, good reviews, easy navigation, and social proof, you can make a website that looks nice and works really well for your visitors.

Investing in a website that people like will help you build trust, make your business more popular, and get more customers in the long run. And with the help of, you can make the perfect website for your spa business that will help you get and keep customers for a long time.

So, don’t wait! Make your website better today and watch as your spa business becomes more popular and more customers come to you. Remember, a great website isn’t just a nice thing to have; it’s a must-have for your spa business’s success.

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