Make Your Spa More Popular: 3 Easy Tips to Get More Appointments Today

If you run a spa, it’s important to have a lot of appointments so you can make money. It can be hard to keep track of all the people who might want to visit your spa and make sure they come back. In this blog post, we’ll talk about three simple ways to get more appointments for your spa right away. You can start using these tips today and see the results really fast!

1. Use Online Booking Systems

The first thing you can do to get more appointments is to make it easy for people to book their visits. In today’s busy world, people want a fast and simple way to schedule appointments. Some spas still use old ways like phone calls or in-person bookings, but you don’t want to be one of them.

Phorest Salon Software says that 42% of clients like to book appointments online. If you use an online booking system, you’ll make these clients happy, and it will be easier for new people to try your spa. When booking online is easy, people will come back to your spa and tell others about it, bringing even more customers.

2. Stay in Touch with Your Current Clients

While it’s important to get new clients, don’t forget about the ones who already know your spa. Talking to past clients can help you get more appointments. A study by Bain & Company found that if you keep just 5 more clients out of 100 coming back, you could make up to 95% more money! Plus, it’s cheaper to keep old clients happy than to find new ones.

To stay in touch with past clients, think about sending them special emails or texts, giving them special deals or discounts, or calling them to see how they’re doing and help them book their next appointment. When you show them you care, they’re more likely to come back to your spa.

3. Use Facebook and Instagram Ads with Text Message Marketing

Good marketing is important to make your spa more popular and get new clients. If you use Facebook and Instagram ads together with text message marketing, you can get more bookings.

Facebook ads have a 9.21% average success rate across all businesses, says WordStream. When you combine that with the fact that 98% of text messages are opened (compared to 20% of emails, according to Gartner), you have a great way to get people’s attention.

Mobile Marketing Watch found that people who get text messages from businesses are 40% more likely to become customers than those who don’t. And businesses that used text message marketing to help with booking appointments saw a 45% increase in success, according to Kenect. By using text message marketing with Facebook and Instagram ads, you’ll get more people interested in your spa and more appointments.


If you want to make your spa even better, try using these three tips to get more appointments. By using an online booking system, staying in touch with your current clients, and using Facebook and Instagram ads with text message marketing, you’ll see fast results in how many appointments you get and how your business grows.

If you want to see a demo that shows you how these tips work and how they can help your spa’s online marketing plan, book a strategy session today. Don’t miss your chance to make your spa more popular and get more appointments!

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