Grow Your Spa Business Fast with These 3 Cool Email Tips

Are you a spa owner who wants to sell more and make your business bigger? You’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll show you three email tricks that can help you get more sales right away. These ideas are easy to understand and use, so you can start enjoying the benefits today.

1. Automation – Use Automation for Better Results

The first trick to selling more at your spa is to use automation in your emails. Automation means sending the right messages at the right time to people who might want to buy your services.

Emails that use automation can make a lot of money – 122% more than normal emails (says Elipson). By using automation, you can make sure your messages reach the right people when they’re most likely to buy.

To start using email automation, you can try different tools and websites that help you do it. These tools let you set up special actions that send personal emails based on what people do, like booking an appointment or visiting your website.

2. Urgency – Make People Act Fast for More Sales

The second trick to get more sales for your spa is to make people feel like they need to act fast in your emails. This means giving them a good reason to buy right away.

Making people act fast in your emails, like by offering special deals for a short time, can really help you sell more. Campaign Monitor says this can make your sales go up by 336%!

To use this trick in your emails, try these ideas:

  • Give discounts or special deals that only last for a little while.
  • Give discounts or special deals that only last for a little while.
  • Send reminders when deals or appointment spots are almost gone.
  • Make special offers just for people on your email list so they feel important.

But be careful not to send too many emails that make people act fast, or they might get tired and stop reading your messages.

3. Segmentation – Split Your Email List for Huge Success

The third and last trick to sell more with your emails is to split your email list into smaller groups. This means putting people in different groups based on what they like or do.

Research says that splitting your email list like this can make you earn 760% more money (Campaign Monitor). By doing this, you can make emails that fit each group better, and more people will read and buy from your emails.

To split your email list the right way, try these steps:

  • Look at what people do on your website or when they visit your spa.
  • Ask people on your email list what they like using surveys or questions.
  • Check the results of your emails to find trends or patterns about your subscribers.

After you split your list, make special email messages for each group to get more people interested and buying.


Using automation, urgency, and segmentation on your email list can really help your spa sell more and grow. These three tricks are easy to understand and use, so they’re great for any spa owner who wants to make their email marketing better.

If you want help from experts to use email marketing for your spa, book a strategy session with our team. We’ll help you make an email plan that fits your business and gets you more sales and success.

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