Get More People to Your Spa with These Five Awesome Social Media Post Ideas

If you want to make your spa business very popular, social media can be very helpful. Sites like Instagram and Facebook let you show off your services and open spots to lots of people. Actually, 74% of people look at social media before they buy something (according to Sprout Social Index). So, how can you make fun posts to get people to your spa? Here are five great ideas to help you get more bookings and make people love your spa.

1. Show Off Your Services with Great Pictures and Videos

A great way to get people to want to book your spa is to show them your treatments. Post awesome pictures and videos of the great things you do at your spa. This helps people imagine what it’ll be like when they visit and makes you stand out from other spas. Be creative with your pictures – use before and after shots, close-ups of products, and action shots of your team.

2. Share Fun Deals and Special Offers

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Share special offers, discounts, or new treatments on your social media to get people to book appointments and try your spa. These deals make people want to come to your spa and make them feel like they need to book now. Be clear about the rules for each deal and think about using countdowns or limited-time offers to make it even more exciting.

3. Teach Your Followers with Interesting Info

Sharing useful facts about skincare, how to relax, or the good things about different spa treatments makes your spa look very smart. This helps people trust you and gives them a reason to like your posts and tell their friends. Try making different types of posts like blog articles, infographics, and videos to keep things fun and interesting.

4. Show What Happens Behind the Scenes

Letting your followers see what goes on at your spa every day makes them feel more connected to you. Share pictures, videos, or stories of your team, your workspace, and how you make the spa experience amazing. This helps people understand what spa treatments are like and makes your spa seem friendly and cool.

5. Talk to Your Followers to Make a Great Group of Fans

It’s very important to chat with your followers on social media. Answer comments, messages, and reviews quickly, and be nice to show that you care what they think. This helps make a group of fans that love your spa and makes your posts more popular.


Being active and fun on social media can definitely get more people to book appointments at your spa. But making great posts all the time can be hard and take a long time. That’s where Pampered Marketing comes in. We help with your social media so you can focus on your spa. To see how we can help, book a strategy session with us today. Together, we’ll make your spa’s social media super awesome and get more people to come than ever before.

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