Get More People to Your Spa with Paid Ads: A Simple Guide

In the super competitive world of spas, it’s important to get noticed so more people visit your spa and you make more money. One great way to do this is by using paid ads. In this blog post, we’ll show you nine ways paid ads can get more people to book appointments at your spa. Let’s get started and see how you can make the best of your ad money.

1. Personalized Ads: Make Ads Just for Them

When making ads, it’s important to make them personal. Instapage says that personalized ads work 10% better than normal ones. If you make ads just for the people you want to come to your spa, they’re more likely to book an appointment. You can do this by showing offers they like.

2. Retargeting: Remind People to Come Back

Retargeting ads are great for getting people who visited your spa website but didn’t book an appointment to come back. Criteo says these ads work 70% better than other ads. By reminding people about your spa services, they might come back to your website and book an appointment.

3. Geo-Targeting: Get Local People to Visit

WordStream says that ads aimed at people who live near your spa work 2.7 times better than ads for everyone. By targeting people who live close by, you can get more local customers to come to your spa. You can do this by targeting a certain area or using words related to your spa’s location.

4. Lookalike Audiences: Find People Like Your Customers

Facebook Ads has a helpful feature called Lookalike Audiences that helps you find people who are similar to your current customers. Hootsuite says these ads work 50% better than ads for different people. By reaching out to people like your customers, they might be more likely to book appointments at your spa.

5. Promotions and Discounts: Make Them Want to Book Now

Special deals and limited-time offers can make a big difference for your ads. RetailMeNot says that 57% of people are more likely to book a spa appointment if they see a promotion or discount. By adding exciting offers to your ads, more people will want to book appointments.

6. Mobile Optimization: Make Ads Look Good on Phones

It’s important to make sure your ads look great on phones and tablets so people will want to click on them. HubSpot says that mobile-friendly ads get 160% more clicks than ads that aren’t. By making your ads easy to use on phones, more people will visit your website and book appointments.

7. Video Ads: Make Them Interested

Video ads are really good at getting people’s attention. G2 Crowd says that video ads are shared 1200% more than ads with just text and pictures. By adding interesting videos to your ads, you can get more people to want to book appointments at your spa.

8. Customer Testimonials: Show Them Real People Love Your Spa

Adding real customer reviews to your ads can make people trust your spa more and want to book appointments. Nielsen says that 92% of people trust ads with customer reviews more than normal ads. By showing real people’s happy experiences, you can show the value of your spa and get more bookings.

9. A/B Testing: Find the Best Ads

A/B testing means comparing different ads to see which one works better. VWO says this testing can make ads work 49% better. By always testing and improving your ads, you can find what works best and get more people to book appointments.


In the end, paid ads are super helpful for getting more people to visit your spa. By using personalization, retargeting, geo-targeting, lookalike audiences, promotions and discounts, mobile optimization, video ads, customer testimonials, and A/B testing, you can create great ad campaigns that get more customers and increase your bookings.

If you want to make your spa’s online advertising even better, book a strategy session with us to see how we can help you use these paid ad strategies and do the hard work for you. Don’t miss your chance to grow your business and be successful in the competitive world of spas.

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